Work in progress.

I’ve been trying to draw fanart for Natsume’s Book of Friends for a few years now…For the first time, I’m feeling a little satisfied with the progress :”D   



there is beginning to be a lot of casual cissexism and transmisogyny on my dashboard lately and it’s from people who i know mean well but,

seriously if you’re about to reblog a post that refers to a generalized group by genitals u need to stop

  • no menstruation posts w/ “all girls should know this!” (menstruation should also be tagged tbh)
  • no misandry centered around penises
  • no feminism centered around uteri/vulvas
  • no assumption that all gay/lesbian couples have the same anatomy between partners
  • referring to a gender in generalized terms and then talking about anatomy (see above), when not every person of that gender has that anatomy.
  • referring to non-specific persons with genital essentialism
  • also tag for binarism, the assumption that all or most people identify as a binary gender (male/female)

no assumptions that everyone with a penis has male privilege and everyone without one doesn’t
seriously don’t do this

Mekaku City Actors || No.6 Ene & No.9 Konoha

im laugihng bc this was exactly who  i was thinking of reblogging it


the best characters are ones that act cool or charismatic but are actually fucking losers